The Best Place You Can Trust with Your Lash Extensions

When it comes to beauty services, eyelash extensions aren’t the kind of thing you will entrust to just any old salon that promises lush lashes.

You need to seek one out where the technicians understand the nuances between a coquettish wink versus  dramatic  volume; where materials used are premium and top quality; and most of all, where expertise and a delicate hand are the benchmarks of their service. After all, the eyes are the windows to your soul—and more to the point, careless application may prove to be more dangerous than you can imagine when glue, sharp objects and your eyes are involved.

So here’s the scoop on where to go for the best eyelash extensions in the city—Ooh La Lash.

The experts at this new urban destination is known for its team of experienced technicians, who have spent over a thousand hours training to deliver the kind of result that you deserve—safe, durable and flattering.

“Our technicians are all TESDA certified, they all passed the NC II Beauty Care TESDA Course, which focuses on skills for beauty care services. Basically, each one of our team members have gone through over a thousand hours of training and a stringent Compentency Assessment Exam to ensure that they are ready to deliver the quality of service our clients demand,” explains Angel Reyes, Training Manager.

A good set of lashes is dependent on a number of things—the quality of the lashes, the kind of materials used to apply them, and more importantly, the technique of the technician. This is why Ooh La Lash takes exceptional pride in the kind of training their technicians undergo.

Visit Ooh La Lash at Glorietta 3, 2nd Floor, today and experience the difference yourself.