From Sparse to Spectacular—Brow Tinting Can Change Your Brow Game, But At What Cost?

For anyone who has made an effort to shape, tweeze, fill, or even simply brush their brows, then you know what lush, well-groomed brows can do for your face. It does wonders, actually—just look at Cara Delevigne, Kendall Jenner, Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones.

When your brows are on fleek, you face is brighter, more youthful; and to achieve it requires a little maintenance. Some professional brow shaping is de rigueur, a delicate hand for tweezing and filling it in, expected; as is the lesser known method of brow tinting.

After getting your brows shaped, adding a bit of color, ensuring it’s the right hue, means you save a lot of time trying to make your brows look fabulous. No more fussing about with powders and pencils and gels everyday.

But not all brow tinting services are made equal.

Here’s what you should know—brow tints, while a common service offered in brow bars around the city, can cause allergic reactions, anything from redness to itching. It’s essentially a dye for your eyebrows. And while you can hide a bad hair color or scalp reaction under a hat, the same reaction on your brows means you have nowhere to hide.

Bottomline? You really have to do your homework. Check what kind of products are used, what ingredients are in the products, and if these ingredients are actually safe for you.

Of course, if it’s a reputable salon, then you can rest assured that they’ve already done all the research for you. Case in point, Ooh La Lash, located at Glorietta 3, 2nd Floor and soon to open at Unimart Greenhills, which is the only salon in the city that uses RefectoCil for their brow tinting services.

The heritage of the brand, 70 years in the development of eyebrow and lash tints, means RefectoCil delivers high-performance products that are safe. They have a dedicated research and development department that innovates their products to ensure that clients receive optimized color results.

“The main reason women need to tint their brows is to address years of overtweezing (a popular trend in the 90s), or sun exposure, which causes sections of your brows to lighten, or even ageing, which leads brows to thin,” explains  Angel Reyes, Training Manager.

But for tinting to work, you have to find the right hue that accentuates your hair color and skin tone, on top of having the right brow shape to flatter your face, and making sure that everything is safe to use.

“If that seems like a lot to consider, it’s because it is,” says Angel candidly. “But that’s why we make it a point to take of all these things in consideration for our clients. You can count on the expertise of our technicians and the safety and quality of the products that we use. We go to great lengths to ensure this so that our clients won’t have to worry.”