You Ask, the Experts Answer

If you’ve ever wondered how women can go from just-woke-up to primed-and-ready-for-the-day without having to spend at least half an hour on their makeup everyday, here’s the secret—luscious lashes and good brows.

Lash extensions help open up your eyes and help brighten up your face, while perfectly arched brows frame your features and make you look polished with barely any effort at all.

Still, a lot of you are apprehensive about getting lash extensions. So we thought we’d clear up all the myths and have all your questions answered by our Ooh-la-lash experts.

Will getting extensions put in harm my natural lashes?

Not when it’s done properly. In fact, because having extensions in means you don’t have to wear mascara for several week, most women even have better and stronger lashes. When it’s not applied properly though, it might damage your natural lashes, so you have to go to a place that you know can deliver quality service.

Does it hurt? Getting lashes put in?

The goal is to make your lashes feel as natural as possible and if they’ve been applied by a skilled technician, you should not feel them—during application and when they’ve already been applied. If you can, then it basically means they weren’t applied well.

How long do they last?

Ideally, with proper care and careful maintenance, 4 to 5 weeks. We recommend touch ups every 2-3 weeks to fill in sections where your natural lashes have shed.

Are there things that I should avoid after extensions have been applied?

Oil-based makeup or cleansers, when it hits the roots of your lashes, tend to loosen the glue used to apply the extensions, so it’s best to use facial wipes instead. Try not to get any liquid on your lashes 24 hours after it has been applied to make sure that the glue really sticks. And also, make sure that your salon uses only the best, safest materials—your eyes are a very sensitive area.

For brows—what are the things I should know about?

It’s not enough that you groom them. It’s also very important that an expert aesthetiian who knows what shape works best for your face does it. it’s also important to know that the process, for those new to it especially, might sting a little bit—but an aesthetician should be able to do it gently.

How do I remove the eyelash extensions?

This is very important—do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself as you might end up pulling on your natural lashes. Go back to your salon and they can either touch it up and make it look good as new or gently remove it.

Do I have options in terms of length and style?

Yes. You can go for fuller and longer extensions for a more dramatic look or shorter ones for a more natural, everyday style.

Can I still makeup?

Definitely. But most clients don’t even feel the need to because of how beautifully lush lashes and well groomed brows frame their face.

What is the process of application like?

You start with clean, makeup free lashes. An aesthetician will start prepping your eyes and apply micropore tape. Extensions are applied one at a time and use imported, FDA approved glue to attach each extension to your lashline. It’s actually quite relaxing.

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