Everything You Need to Know About Getting Eyelash Extensions

You can say that women can be divided into two categories—those who swear by their mascaras and lash curlers, who take the time to delicately coat their lashes each day before heading out the house, and painstakingly remove it once they get home at night.

On the other side of the spectrum are women who, since the advent of lash extensions, find the entire mascara and lash curling process too tedious to bother with. To them, extension fills are as common as their weekly manicure appointment. They wake up everyday with lush lashes. But does this come at a price?

For lash newbies, questions like will it ruin my natural lashes? Is the application process as tedious as I imagine it to be? How long will the last? Can I do this consistently and consecutively? How do you even take care of it? deter them from taking the plunge. So we thought we’d compile all the frequently asked questions about lash extensions straight from the experts aestheticians of Ooh-la-lash.

I already have very thin lashes—how will the extensions affect it?

Eyelash extensions are meant to give you a lush and natural-looking fringe. Your aesthetician should be able to give you advice as to what style best suits your face shape and eyes as well as what your natural lashes can handle.

Will I lose my natural eyelashes?

If the extensions are done properly, no. Take note though that your extensions will also shed as your natural ones do (on the average, we lose one to three lashes a day).

How long do they last?

On the average and with proper care, it should last for our 3 to 4 weeks.

How do I remove them?

This is pretty important—it’s common for a lot of women to pick on the lashes as they begin to shed. But doing so means you could be pulling off your natural lashes as well. Make sure that you go back to your lash salon to remove it properly. It’s quick and painless and ensures that you maintain the health of your natural lashes.

When do I need to get it replaced?

If you don’t want to get the lashes removed or need to get the full set replaced, you can easily opt to get fillers, which basically gives your lashes a boost and refreshes the look. Typically this would be around 3 to 4 weeks after you first got it done.

Do I have to worry about allergic reactions?

It’s quite rare, especially when you go to a place like Ooh-la-lash, which offers medical grade and FDA approved materials, but should you feel itchiness or discomfort, be sure to tell your aesthetician so they can remove it immediately.

To read more about how our expert tips on taking care of and maintaining your lashes, read our next post. And if you have any more questions, leave us a message in the comment section below and we’d be happy to answer it.