5 Secrets to Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

So you finally took the plunge and finally got eyelash extensions. Now your eyes are framed by long, lush lashes that perfectly frame and brighten your face. But do you know how you can make them last?

Here are some lesser known tips from our experts at Ooh-la-lash to make sure that you get a lot of milieage from your extensions —

  1. Stock up on cleansing wipes
    Sure getting eyelash extensions cuts down the need to go all out on makeup, but even the simple act of splashing cold water on your face to begin your daily makeup removal ritual at the end of the day could take its toll on your lashes. Not to say that they aren’t hardy enough to take it. When done properly, it should be OK, but it’s certainly better to extend the life of your lush lashes by opting to gently wipe makeup off using wipes where you could gently go over your lashes instead.

  2. Keep it oiled
    It’s common to think that keeping lash extensions dry is the way to go, but here’s a little secret—rub a drop of baby oil on your fingers and apply them very gently to tops your lashes to keep them flexible. Be sure to avoid the base where the glue is though as this may cause the lashes to loosen.

  3. Comb them out
    Spoolies are your friend. Keep them handy and ready to make sure that your lashes don’t go wonky. Simply place it on top of the lashes and very gently roll it across the lashes.

  4. Avoid mascara
    Not that you’ll even need them at this point, but remember that it will be harder to remove your eye makeup with lashes attached, so avoid applying mascara altogether.

  5. Go all out with aftercare
    If you’re completely serious about preserving the quality of your lashes, there are more extreme but wholly effective methods to do so, including showering with goggles on and sleeping on your back. It may sound extreme, but it works!

Do you have eyelash extensions? Let us know if you have tips about how to care for them by sending us a tweet at @oohlalash_salon